In this four-part series Ralph and Jim examine ways to keep your family healthy both mentally and physically. They talk about how nutrition and eating style affects behavior, feelings and cognition. They also look at the negative role of addition and the positive role of exercise.

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Protecting Your Families Health – Part One

You might have noticed that about 30 seconds in Jim refers to his, and Ralph’s good genetic pool as nature. However, Ralph also used the term “nature” to describe the nature of the Northern Ontario town where we grew up – the environment (or nurture; so it was the nature of the nurture – get it). We just wanted to clarify.

Fifty years ago there was virtually no “fast food”.

It was interesting to hear Ralph describe the food that we grew up with as “homemade”.

You might wonder how food relates to psychology. As you will see in this series, it is directly related to behavior, thoughts and emotions!!!

Here is the link to exercise and Alzheimer’s disease we mentioned in the podcast

In this podcast we briefly touched on changes in eating practices over the last 50 years. When Jim and Ralph were kids, there were few children who were overweight. This has changed as this 3 minute You Tube video clip points out:

Beyond childhood obesity, being overweight has long term physical health and emotional health consequences.

Heart disease is a leading cause of death in the 21st century. What is it? Can the risk be lowered? YES!!!

. We talked about personality type; do you think you are Type A, B, C or D and could your type affect your health?Here is a site to check out.

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Until next time this is Jim and Ralph, signing off.