To Sleep, Perchance to Dream… a series of podcasts on sleep and dream by Jim and Ralph

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Part One – The Function of Sleep

What is sleep? What is its purpose? What happens when you do not get enough sleep? This podcast answers these questions and more.


Part Two – Stages Through the Night

What are the stages of sleep? Are some stages  of sleep more important than others?


Part Three – But I Can’t Get To Sleep

Trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep? If so, you are like about 2 Billion other people on the planet!!! Insomnia is a serious health (physical, mental and emotional) health risk. Jim and Ralph share strategies to help you get a good nights rest.

Part Four –¬† More Sleep Disorders Worth Knowing About

Do you sleep 7 or eight hours a night but you still wake up tired? You could have sleep apnea. Does your child start screaming in terror about 75 minutes after being put down? Could be night terrors – which are VERY terrifying to parents who have never seen this before!!! This podcast looks at these sleep problems as well as few others.