What is PsychologyTakeaway?

This site presents factual information about human development throughout the life span.

It is broken down into three large divisions: Podcasts, Learn More and  Shop.

Material is presented in five general categories: human development, mental health, cognition, neuroscience and social psychology.

How can you use PsychologyTakeaway?

Each of the presentations is essentially a public service announcement, filled with factual information which you may find helpful. Feel free to share with you friends, relatives, and total strangers. Our goal is to get current information into the hands of people who need it. This is something you can help with.

The material is copy written under Creative Commons, which means you may share it with the world, just don’t sell it!

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The only thing we ask is that all credit is directed back to PsychologyTakeaway.

Who are the creators?

The major creators  of the content of this website are Jim Carroll and Ralph Baber.

James Carroll

jim_head_shot-500.jpgJames Carroll is a professor emeritus of Psychology at Central Michigan University. He received his psychology degrees from Michigan State University, Central Michigan University and Rutgers University. His research interests include aspects of abnormal behavior as well as personality variables that affect behavior, learning styles and creativity. During the last 45 years he has published numerous articles in professional journals. In addition, he has written and edited several books, and has made many presentations at state, national, and international conferences. For the past 14 years he and his wife have been creating curriculum for children in developing nations; you can see some of that work at: EducationInABox.com. Jim is happily married to Sheila. They have three wonderful children, three alpacas, one cat and a dog.

Ralph Baber

Ralph_cropped.JPGRalph Baber was born in Canada. His degrees are from Laurentian University, and Central Michigan University. He has 45+ years teaching at the college and university level. Ralph is an expert in curriculum design and development. He has taught in Canada, the U.S., and China. In China he worked to develop curricula preparing Chinese international students to study, live and work in other countries. His teaching disciplines have varied from teaching composition – including technical writing, business writing and interpersonal communication — as well as literature; through teaching the design and development of learning units in a range of subject areas. Ralph says, “To teach students to write well, you have to teach them to observe and carefully analyze human behavior.”




















occasionally there will be guest contributions

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